Why You Should Be Careful While Hiring Lawyers

Lawyers are famous for being crooked in one way or the other, but unless you have been duped by one you probably won’t realize just how dangerous they can truly be. One example of an attorney that you are certainly going to have to be wary of if you ever interact with him is Landon Northcutt. This individual is well known for using his in depth knowledge of the legal system to trick a number of institutions into giving him money, and each time he has done this he has managed to shield himself using his legal chops.

One of his latest scams involved creating a company by the name of Star Management Solutions. The name of this company is very important because it is quite similar to a company by the name of Star Hospital Solutions, which provides services to the healthcare industry on a regular basis. This similarity in name is completely intentional, as Landon Northcutt has tricked a lot of hospitals and other medical institutions into signing contracts with this fake company and handing over large sums of money in the process as well.

This is just one in a long line of frauds that this lawyer has taken part in. A comprehensive list can be found on https://landonnorthcutttruth.wordpress.com/, so you should definitely check this link out if you want to find out more about all that he has been up to. It is also important to remember just how common things like this are, you should use this as an example to better understand how perilous the legal industry can be. That being said, there are plenty of lawyers out there that are genuinely good people. These are the ones that you should trust with all of your affairs.

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