Indicators of Termite Infestation

As a homeowner, you want to be sure that your house is kept safe and protected from any sort of damage. There are a number of things we need to protect our house from, the most obvious ones being potential intruders and potential weather damage. One more thing we need to protect our house from is pest infestations, because once an infestation has gone out of hand, you will end up spending hundreds of dollars getting it removed, and then even more money to fix the damage.

Termite infestations can be horrible, luckily there are a few telltale indicators that you should look out for if you want to be able to catch it early on. Once you have identified an infestation, then seek the services of your Lowell IN exterminator to take care of the problem for you.

  • Termites are pretty small and hard to detect, however, they do end up leaving multiple holes around the wood they are infested in. These holes are very small, about the diameter of a small nail.
  • They also leave mud tubes around wood as well. Now mud tubes are basically made out of soil and/or dirt that is collected around the wood. They assist in helping the termites move to different sources of food.
  • Termite droppings are also an indicator of termite infestations. They look like fine saw dust from a distance, so if you see what looks like fine saw dust collected on your certain areas of your floor, you have a termite problem.
  • This is a pretty late indicator since you will only notice fissures or crack on wood once the damage caused by the termites has gotten too extensive. This is not always a confirmed sign, so you should only consider this a sign when the above signs are also present and your wood is hollow when knocked.
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