Everyday Foot Care

A lot of people just don’t take care of their feet and that’s not okay; not only do their feet smell awful if they remove their shoes at any time, but they’re also putting them at the risk of many awful foot related diseases like toe nail fungus (itchy, painful and horrific to look at). If you’re guilty of wearing the same pair of socks for days at an end and only washing your feet every time you shower then you aren’t doing the first and most important step of feetfitness which is keeping your feet clean. Here’s what you should be doing.

Wash Your Feet

After a day or being kept in a shoe, your feet can get very moist and war, which cases bacteria to grow. This bacteria can cause bad odour and a whole host of skin problems like itches. You should properly wash your feet with water and soap at the end of every day to keep them nice and healthy and not forget to dry them up after wards. If you wear your shoes on wet feet, you’re basically inviting fugal growths.


Just like you shouldn’t keep your feet wet, you need to be careful about letting them get too dry as well. You could develop dry and cracked skin under your feet which can be pretty annoying and the best way to avoid that is to moisturize them with lotion after every wash or shower. You may also add a drop or two of essential oils to increase the health of your skin.

Manage Your Toe Nails

It’s easy to forget to rim your toenails if you spend more than half the day wearing closed shoes. Make no mistake though, your toenails grow just as fast as your finger nails and if you don’t trim them, they’re going to rip your socks and make you very uncomfortable.

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